Machinery - Industrials Reparacions la Plana

Forget the machine stops

Stop thinking about the state of their machines and dedicate your time to your business, we take care of all your preventive maintenance of machinery. This way you will not have to worry about stopping their production due to an unexpected failure.

The most effective tool to prevent a breakdown, Is manteniment. We have the best professionals also detect future problems that will mean in future savings of time and money important.

Maintenance and Repair Machining Centres

We take care of general maintenance of machining centers and repair all damaged parts that may be your machining center: Repairs of capçals, changing bearings, sistemes of Refrigeration, hidraulic system, box velocitats, encoders, guides axes, etc. Even with the maximum guarantee and security.

Maintenance and Repair Lathes

Stick shifts as the first day, We have extensive experience with both manual lathes and lathes with numerical control. Maintain and repair all parts of turns: Turret Tool, motors, encoders, rodaments of capçal, gag, hidraulic system, guides axes, Refrigeration system, etc. Even with the utmost security and safety.

Maintenance and Repair of Milling

Forget defective parts or defects, We offer you all the solutions you need to work with the milling machine with the utmost tranquility. modification guides, repair of gearboxes, correction tables, etc.

Maintenance and Repair of Brakes

Have problems with their folding? We offer all the solutions you need, since the turn of the cylinders together, calibration downloads, correct cylinder, modification of rules, filter change, oil change, etc.

Maintenance and Repair shears

Work with your shear with the peace that all is well adjusted. We offer all the solutions to the problems that may have, from the regular maintenance of your shearing, correction and change blades, repair of piston, calibration ruler, etc.

Maintenance and Repair Production Lines

The Production Line, are one of the basic elements of Industires, so it is possible to not have to ever suffer a shutdown in production. From preventative maintenance to repair damages to any problems with either motor parts, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, etc.