Compressors - Industrials Reparacions la Plana

Repair Screw Compressors

We repair all types of fault in screw compressors such as: problems with the temperature of the compressor, oil leaks, deterioration of pipes and ducts, engine bearings, spindle bearings.

Maintenance of Screw Compressors

A very important aspect of screw compressors is their proper maintenance. A la Plana Reparacions Industrials, are experts in maintaining these compressors in their best condition. We ensure to avoid problems such as oil leaks, desgastament premature bearing, overheating of the compressor components, among others. To avoid these problems, We offer you all the solutions you may need, from an oil filter change, change air filter, separator filter change, oil change until the change of engine bearings and screw at the right time according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Repair and Maintenance of Compressors Pistons

Piston compressors are one of the most essential tools for many businesses. Our experts, ensures that there are no problems with the compressor pistons making it suitable maintenance to the needs of each case and, solving any problem or fault to only have to worry about work.

We work with all major brands of compressors